Friday, January 06, 2006

Resolution 2006


very year, I resolve to accomplish something that ultimately I cannot fulfill to my own satisfaction, such as: lose weight, exercise more, save money, et cetera, et cetera. Maybe I have too maybe I have to many resolutions. Take last year for example. I had four resolutions--exercise more, make M happy, publish, make an honest effort to write my own story. Unfortuately, I only fulfilled one with any success and another with only a modicum of success. Two, I failed at miserably. So what whoudl I do?

Well, last Sunday on Meet the Press, William Saffire--the conservative columnist for he times--said that his resolution was to be optimistic. And it kind of struck a chord with me. Simple, uncomplicated. I've been so negative this past year--indeed, the past few years--that I sometimes cannot even stand myself. Of course, the various events in my life--such as the death of both parents, M's immigation situation, heavy teaching load, little pay--likely play a significant role in this.

But maybe, just maybe, the situation starts with me. I can let the various circumstances take over my life, or I can wrest control of my life back. And the first step is to manifest a sense of optimism. I just have to deal with the various situations in life with a sense of optimism. That is when I do my best work, so I gotta get control back and view life with a much brighter outlook.

Yup, that's the ticket.

This year's resolution is to be optimistic. Do not let anything drag me down. Always look for that siver lining, and things should... SHOULD take care of themselves.

Here's to a great 2006, guys!


Anonymous said...

You've been quoted again.


yinyin said...

sorry for the late reply been so caught up..

compliments of the season..
n happy new year...

KwokSiong said...

hey there, mind if i add a link to you? i really like the way you write.