Friday, April 02, 2004

Onigiriman defined

I'm back
Hahahahaha, April Fool's!.....NOT

-onic, a suffix used in the names of acids, esp. carboxylic acids obtained by oxidation of aldoses: gluconic acid.

onigiri (oh-nee-gee-ree) n. a ball of rice eaten with or as a meal in Japan. To create, lump a handful of cooked rice into the lightly salted palm of one hand. Place umeboshi (salted plum) in the middle and with the other hand, squeeze the rice together forming a trangular shape. Umeboshi may be substituted with other fillings, including salted-salmon bits, dried bonito flakes and konbu (seasoned kelp). Wrap in nori (dried seaweed sheet) prior to eating.

Onigiriman (oh-nee-gee-ree-man) pn. a living Japanese rice ball born in the US. Male. Umeboshi substituted with a combination of narcissistic tendencies, a heap of sarcasm, a pinch of cynicism and a whole lot of attitude. Can and will communicate in both English and Japanese. Can drink 10 pints of beer in one sitting, but will get plastered after only three if someone else is buying (conditions may vary). Approach with caution; befriend with open mind. Wrapped in nori seaweed to hide pot-belly. Sunglasses de rigor.

onion (un-yun) n. a plant of the amaryllis family, having an edible bulb...

This should serve as an introduction for my humble return to the pages of Xanga. I hope you'll let me back into your Xanga world...

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