Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Resolution Score Card


ast year, I made some resolutions and thought that it might be good to grade myself, as this does happen to be my field of expertise (grading, not psycho-analyzing). By evaluating myself, I run the risk of self-flagellation, but it may also compel me to work harder to realize these resolutions--all made with the best of intentions, mind you. If nothing else, it might lead me to conjure up realistic, more viable resolutions, thereby giving me a fighting chance to actually fulfill them. Anyway, the following is the list of four resolutions an their corresponding grades.

  1. Make M happy: B I did well, if not perfect, I think. I tried not to take work home--except during finals when I have a ton to grade--and for the most part, I succeeded. When I was at home, I spent more much time with family than with work. I also cut back time on Xanga. I'm not sure how obvious this was, but if you look back through the archives, you will notice that I averaged fewer entries per month than previously. I doubt anyone would actually check me on this, so just take my word.
  2. Publish: A- I finally got a paper out and it will appear as a chapter in a book later this year. If you're interested, it is a book on the poet Basho, and I suggested a new approach to analyzing renga--linked verse--as the traditional method is anachronistic, in my view. I gave myself a "minus" because it was only one article and not a book... But it's a start.
  3. Write my story: C I wrote about myself and various portions of my life on Xanga, but this something I normally do anyway. The issue is that I have not organized it or produced anything that might even resemble anything close to an extended, coherent story.
  4. Exercise more: D This is where I really messed up. There was a time when I prided myself in my love to exercise, but with work and other responsibilities, time is really at a premium. The "D" may sound like a harsh grade, but the net result of my lack of exercise manifested itself last November when I found myself worried that I might be having a heart attack. I avoided an "F" because in the summer, I did manage to lose about 10 pounds exercising, although I have regained about half of it back, thanks to the rich foods over the holidays.

So I guess that leaves me with a GPA of 2.425. Pretty pathetic by the standards I like to think I hold, but maybe just above average in the greater scheme of things.

In case you're wondering, I'm still pondering resolutions for this year. Sometime this week, I'm sure...

To my Sis

And today is my sister's B-day. She is younger than me, but not by much. She is just about wrapping up her first half century, just as I did last year. She doesn't really read my site--she did once for about a week, but stopped because it stressed her out too much--How can you expose yourself in public?!? This suggests that she is a very private person, but it should also let you know that I really do reveal a great portion of myself honestly and openly on these pages... although, this may not necessarily be a good thing.

Anyway, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday Sis!

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