Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving


here are many reasons to be thankful for, truly... I just need a minute or two to think of a few... um. Yeah... like, I'm still alive, although that's debatable. As much work as I have now, I'd be better off dead... or maybe I'm so caught up in the grind I feel like part of the living dead--trudging through life aimlessly... Whew, gotta stop thinking this way, or else I might actually kill myself... So on a happier vein, I will think of... FOOD

Ah, the holidays, a two month period during which there is little guilt attached to over-eating. It starts today with Thanksgiving and ends at the end of January with the Superbowl. That's a good five pounds minimum... Gluttony, the only deadly sin I can live with...

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