Friday, July 03, 2015

Literary vs. Non-Literary

Random thoughts for the day:

Literature is a representation of how we think, our mental capacity, our emotions, our memory. All those things that constitute being human. Mental representation.
Non-literary is a representation of the "real world" nature, society, physical representations.
Ki no Tsurayuki wrote:

世の中にある人 事・業しげきものなれば心に思ふことを見るもの聞くものにつけて言ひいだせるなり。
Yamato poetry makes the hearts of man its seed and it became the myriad leaves of words. When matters and machinations of people in this world are intense, they apply them to things seen and heard and they express them
"Matter and Memory" by Henri Bergson and his philosophy of Duration (la Duree) may be a starting point for reading Murakami Haruki's "Girl from Ipanema 1963/1984" and the concept of intertextuality.

This is just a first step.