Monday, November 07, 2016

Gaining weight, losing inches

I am exercising much less than last year. I'm projected to do 90 hours--or about 2 hours a week--less. Of course, this year, I strained a quad, hurt my lower back and moved offices, so I took off for short stretches that total more than a month off and ultimately gained about 5 pounds I had lost the year before when I ran about 1600 miles on a treadmill.

Still since I'm doing more outside walking and indoor aerobics--the treadmill broke down in February--I think I've gained some muscle mass. According to M, even if you're walking, you have to propel your weight forward, so there's a good argument that walking may be just as effective as jogging on a treadmill where you don't push yourself forward but rather simply move you feet in a scissor action. Indeed, my skinny jeans feel tighter around the calves, and I've tightened my belt by one notch (inch?).

This has to count for something, right?