Saturday, November 25, 2017


One of my favorite shows has ended. I realize that all TV shows must come to an end, I would like it to have a satisfactory ending.

Unfortunately that was not the case for Longmire.

For the most part, Longmire--a sorta contemporary take on the old western--was a dark show with bad folk trying to do bad things on Absaroka County in Wyoming. Sheriff Longmire is a loner of a lawman who will often head into danger's way without the help of his too-few deputies. He is a man of few words. He takes a black-and-white, I'm-right-you're-wrong attitude. He resists following the book, ignores the advice of family and friends, makes decisions and comes to conclusions all by himself, and will ultimately take action without notifying anyone else. And horrors upon horrors, he refuses to carry a cell phone. (Actually, I can relate.) As a result, he is hated by a large portion of Absaroka County and the Cheyenne Indian reservation within it. But it's this kind of flawed Hero that makes for a good drama, I think.

* * * * *SPOILER ALERT* * * * *
Unfortunately, the conclusion was not very satisfactory. In the good (bad) ol' tradition of American TV, it ends on a happy sappy note.

The final season was all about unfinished business but PLEEEEEZE! Did they have to tie up every single issue into a nice tidy bow? I mean I can understand the Malachi dying and Nighthorse going to prison--which they actually didn't show--but Dang! Did Henry Standingbear have to become the casin's new manager/executor? Did Ferg have to have his love life handed end up like a fairy tale--in a tuxedo no less? Did Mathias (police chief on the rez) and Longmire have to suddenly develop a good working relationship to catch Mathias? Did Longmire's daughter have to become the new sheriff instead of heading to New York to pursue her career in law? Did Longmire and Vic have to actually have sex? Did Longmire have to retire just so he and Vic can live happily ever after?

Ugh! It was perfect and nice and sappy...

And so unfortunate. *sigh*