Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy Hew Year!

Or in Japanese: 明けましておめでとうございます。

Just dropped by to wish anyone I know who still blogs a wonderful and successful 2015. Xanga was my very first blog, and my first post was June 2003; fourteen and a half years ago. I don't blog anymore which is unfortunate for me. I feel as though my writing skills improved with each entry. I believe Murakami Haruki--contemporary Japanese author--said that writing is like running. You have to do it everyday or else you will lose both your skill and your will to write. Not that I was very skilled in the first place, but I feel that I could write more coherently and even imagine the structure of an entry even as I was writing it. Currently, I have to write various parts down, roganize and reorganize them to make them coherent. A rather sad development for me.

Anyway, If any one I know still blogs or reads this, drop a "Hi" in the comment section. I'd be interested to know if there was anyone still active.