Sunday, December 21, 2003

Last Samurai

Saw the movie, finally. But it is too complex to talk about on the spur of the moment. I went with Musubi-chan and Unagi and later we went shopping for my daughter's Christmas present; I haven't seen in about two year. Sometimes its just not possible, even if you wanna see your own kid. (You reading this Sarah?) Anyway, I will comment on this movie extensively later, but for the time being, I will say I was rather impressed. I was afraid that I would HATE the movie. You know... Whenever you hear really good things, expectations are built, and then there is the inevitable let down. Well, not with this movie. What I wanna know is, no matter how drunk you might be, how could anyone have slept through this movie... I will not name names here... Hahahaha

But for those of you who saw it: Wasn't Hiroyuki SANADA kinda cool? In Japanese: Kakkou ii! Since I have a kinda bearnd and long hair, maybe I won't tie it back and leave it long and flowing. I wonder if students will think I look like a samurai? hahahahahah! Now if you guys compared me to him rather than Jackie Chan, I would be incredibly flattered!

Anyway, after the movie and shoppping, Musubi-chan and I went to our favorite watering hole and we just got back. More on the movie later...

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