Monday, May 23, 2005

Graduation Weekend


he past weekend was graduation weekend and it a busy time. A reception for students on Saturday, which means I had to prepare a dish for the party on Friday. After the reception was the three hour college graduation. On Sunday, there is University Graduation on the Ellipse on the Washington Mall, right between the White House and the Washington Monument. It is, to say the least, and impressive graduation. The keynote speaker this years was Andy Rooney, the cranky old man of the CBS news magazine program, "60 Minutes". After the ceremony, I went to the local burger-and-beer joint, as I do every year to celebrate with M the end of another academic year. Students know that I'll be there and they come to visit.

This is all to say, however, that I had little time to grade this weekend, so I'm here panicking at this very moment. "WTF are you doing on Xanga?!?" you might be thinking. Well, thanks for the concern, but I am reaching the home stretch--only the film class left--and I should be done soon. I'm sure they are dying to know their grade.

NOTE: I guess yesterday's quiz was too hard for some. Only three or four of you even attempted to answer it. Hahahahaha.

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