Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Grading is Finished!

But summer school has already started...


I HATE XANGA SITES that have Popup Ads (bold on Barberic's advice)! It slows down my computer and I waste valuable minutes that I could have spent reading someone's worthier Xanga. And don't tell me I should have popup blocker. Why the hell would I need a popup blocker to go a Xanga site?!? I cannot visit all you people with those chatter box shits with pop-ups.

Update II

Barberic: I don't have popup blocker on my computer at home because it's old and has VERY little memory. I pot it on once, but it made my computer slower over all. Yeah, I still have 64kb RAM (I hear you guys snickering), but it serves me most of the time...

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