Thursday, January 27, 2005


I think most have picked up on the meaning of my poem below. I refer to the ribbon stickers that you see on the back of many cars these days. The are displayed as a way to support our troops. By using the word "windshield" I thought most would understand that I was in a car and looking at a sticker on the bumper or window of the car in front of me. SleepingCutie lives in Canada, so I guess she could be excused from recognizing readily the symbolism. Anyway, I felt the imagery and sentiment to be appropriate in these trying times, but personally I don't think the poem flows as well as it should, in spite of Jerry's kind words. Oh well...

Ribbons evoking
thoughts of our boys in harm's way
in a parking lot.

Lovingly, a wife
applies on a Ford truck's gate
a yellow ribbon.

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