Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bosox win three in a row


kay, I will admit it to the world. I hate the Yankers. As a born Dodger fan, it is my birthright to hate the Yankers to no end. They are evil incarnate. I can't believe that a good guy like Jow torre would go there to manage. I simply can't believe it. It is the home of money grubbers and fame seekers. Heading the list, of course, is the owner George Steinbrenner. But the list is long with villains who just as bad: Reggie Smith, Tommy John, Billy Martin, Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens (both former Bosoxer! Traitors!), Roger Clemens, Dave Winfield, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi. Aaaaargh. I hate these guys. I hate them more than the Giants...

Anyway, the Boston Redsox were down three games to none in a best of seven series, and I figure they were dead. But now they've won three in a row and the rubber match is tonight! Can you imagine if Boston wins tonight? It would be the most dramatic choke in HISTORY. No, no, no, it will be beyond history.

Anyway, lets pray for a Bosox victory!

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