Tuesday, October 19, 2004



or the past few weeks, a large number of my posts have been about the presiential candidates and the debates. I am normally pretty apolitical. But the war in Iraq has stirred my feelings of citizenship. When the US first went into Iraq with shock and awe, I was in LA to attend my mothers memorial service. My feeling then was that it was the wrong thing to do, but I said little as I wanted to trust our president's decision.

But as we all know now, his reasons for invading Iraq--WMDs, terrorist connections--have proven to be incorrect, and I can't help express my disapproval now. This is, of course, my opinion. And everyone else is entitled to their own. But please, if you're goning to leave a dissenting comment on my page, could you be a little more succinct. In my comments of the last debate, CaptainGaijin provided me with this insightful one-word opinion:


Gee, how heartfelt, strong, and resolute. Just like our President. Pixie125, using a few more words, suggests that Kerry lies as much as Bush and is unrealistic in his plans to get us out of this crisis. Now, I provide evidence to support my opinions. I wish you would provide evidence to back up yours, otherwise your words are just empty accusations. Just like our President. But Pixie's point is interesting. While accusing Kerry of falsehoods, she recognizes that the President has an equal share of falsehoods as well.

Which bring me to my next point: Kerry's falsehoods. I'm not sure what Pixie was referring to, but I do know that there are many who point to the Swiftboat Veterans' accusations when calling Kerry a liar, a man unfit for duty. I truly hope that none of my readers count themselves among these people. Bush supporters pointing to the Swiftboat ads would be like me pointing to Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" and saying, "see!" That is laughable. I am not gullible, and you shouldn't be either, so I hope that everyone does their homework. Everyone should look into the records of each candidate. What did they do? What did they say? Please don't be led around by your nose like cattle. Read the newspapers, watch the news. When I pointed out Bush's untruth/memory lapse in the last debate about not being very concerned about bin Laden, I left a link to the very press conference when he made this statement. And the transcripts are not from some left wing liberal site like The Nation, but on the President's own www.whitehouse.gov. So, yeah, I look for information to understand and confirm things I hear and read.

Now, Capt.Gaijin and Pixie may be well informed, but I think you will agree that by not articulating a point well, one may ultimately look uninformed, or worse look like they are simply following whatever crowd he/she finds him/herself in...

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