Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just being me...


or the past few weeks, a large number of my posts have been about the presiential candidates and the debates. I am normally pretty apolitical. But the war in Iraq has stirred my feelings of citizenship. I realize that not many are interested in what I have to say--I don't get a lot of comments--but say it I must. It's who I am.

I also write about sports a lot. During the fall, my attention is preoccupied by the UCLA Bruins. It's not only my alma mater, but a team that I have followed since I was a wee lad. Win or lose, I can't help but think about them. M also roots desperately for the Bruins. The other day, she told me why: When the Bruins lose, my mood sours and I brood a lot. I talk about other baseball as well, the sport I loved as a kid. When I talk about these topics, I get the fewest number of comments.

I also, occasionally, talk about racism and what it's like being a Japanese/Asian American. This is a touchy topic and as a result, I get relatively few comments on these as well. It is too bad as it is a topic I feel passionate about.

I seem to get the most comments when I'm sick or I talk about my own personal past, which isn't all that often. What is puzzling to me is the fact that I have reached 200 subscribers recently. This is a minor milestone for some Xangans, but for me, it is pretty amazing. Thanks to all of you who subscribe. But I often wonder... Given the dearth of comments--a reflection of how many people actually read this site--how did I manage this?

Hmmm... Well, it really shouldn't matter. If this is truly a log of my life, a journal, then I should write about what I want to write without concern to comments or visitors--which is one of the reasons why I discontinued e-props. But still, being the narcissistic person I am, I still wonder... So in an attempt to comprehend this situation, how about a informal poll?

Which of my entries do you enjoy reading the most? Stories of my past? Entries of my day-to-day existence? Tidbits about Japan? Senryu? Talking narcissistically about myself (y'know, like lists and personal reviews)? Anything else I'm not aware of? Just curious. I feel sometimes that I have lost my way on Xanga. I originally started this Xanga site to talk about J literature, but I seem to have strayed away from this...

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