Monday, June 07, 2004

Interim update

Hahahah, I write about sex in the last entry, and people I haven't heard from in ages leave a comment!

Anyway, ekin wrote that he wished he could leave e-props. I disabled my e-props, because I feel comments are what count. There is something tangible about reading your feedback, as opposed to e-props with which I can't even buy a cup of joe. Also, a high e-prop count will occasionally land me on "Featured Content" which leads to artificially high hit numbers, but no actual traffic--i.e. comments. But being the democratic sort, I will consider re-enabling e-props if enough readers actually want to leave them. With a 165 subscribers, that would mean 83 "Yes"... Hahahah, like that's gonna happen! Anyway...

1. Did any of you come here by way of the "Featured Comment"? If so let me know.

2. Do you want to leave e-props here? But only one answer per person--I sound like Eechim who's running the Mr. Xanga contest. Hahahahhaa.... Am I nominated? Are you nominated? Find out for yourself. Hahahahhah...

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