Monday, June 07, 2004

Line 2, You're on the Air


ilvermyst_ashke asked about kids, and I talked about my daughter. I should mention that I have three sons as well. They are Musubi-chan's from her previous marriage. Two live in Japan, while the middle son, Unagi-kun, lives with us. I don't really call him Unagi-kun, I just call him that here because he likes unagi (eel) and, well, he doesn't have much of a chin. hehehehhe. Anyway, the eldest son in Japan has three sons of his own, which makes me Gramps Onigiriman. I divulge this information in the spirit of full disclosure, in case some of you young ladies had any ideas... JUST KIDDING! Whew... Anyway, next caller...

Need Time to ponder

Hi, I'm SweetLilV.

Oman: Hey, girl. Thanks for dropping by. SweetLilV--V is for Vanessa--is another new visitor to my little corner. She's pretty popular. Everytime I got to her site, she has, like, 80 comments or something. Whew! Talk about popular. You can be sure that I try to visit your place, too. But I think you already know that. Anyway, what's your question?

SweetLilV: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Oman: You mean other than eating grass? No, wait, that wasn't crazy, that was stupid, like a lot of things I have done. I have to think about this a bit. I'll get back to you later, I promise.

Line 3, You're on the Air

I'm Old School

Hi, this is pallyatheart.

O-man: Hey, dude, what's up?

pallyatheart: I don't like the same ole same ole questions so here is something a little different. What are the races of all the girls you ever had sex with? in order.

O-man: Are you serious? Hmmm... Let me see now. I should preface my remarks by reminding everyone that I went through sexual wonder years during the early 70s. Back then, interracial dating, let alone sex or marriage, was tantamount to treason in some circles. Even "cross" dating with other East Asians something that raised more than a few eyebrows, even though I knew a lot of really cute Koreans and Chinese.

Anyway, I am truly a product of my own time and so the women with whom I have had intimate relationships have been women of Japanese heritage. As such, I suppose there is no need to put them in order as they would all be the same with the exception of my first wife who was Japanese/German--makng my daughter one-quarter German.

If you're wondering--and your question suggests it--in terms of number of partners, I would not have been considered sexually active by today's standard--a student once told me that sex is like a meaningful handshake. I'm not even sure where I would stand among my peers either, since many of my friends were the type to walk the straight and narrow. I would say that I had more opportunities than actual relatioships, and have turned down obvious overtures--remember, I was in a band and we had groupies. But sex for me is a gift. I don't give gifts casually--not that I'm great in bed or anything (I'm sworn to secrecy by M)--and I don't want casual gifts, either. Sex has to be tied to an intimate emotion, because it is, to me, an intimate act.

I guess you can call me old school... But I don't mean to seem judgmental; I would never presume to judge anyone's view toward sex...

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