Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Update: Mr. Xanga contest

I bet Eechim and Fongster feel like they bit off more than they could chew, no? So many votes! Anyway, the deadline was the 10th but apparently, they moved it up to tomorrow/today (Tuseday) 12 noon EST. This has been a public service announcement from the O-man...

You're on the Air III


ou know, I was going to answer all these questions in order but my producer, Rosslyn, assures me that I should take this particular call from Eechim. She and Fongster8 are holding a Mr./Ms Xanga contest, and apparently I'm one of the candidates. Okay, Eechim, you're on the air.

Staying within myself

Eechim: Hi.

O-man: Hey, thanks for all the effort you guys are putting in for this contest. So what's your question?

Eechim: My question is: what will you do to make this world a better place if you are crowned Mr Xanga? (lol)

O-man: Hahahah! So when does the voting start?

Eechim: June 7.

O-man: Okay, I see why Rosslyn told me to take this call. Okay, I presume that you mean our Xanga world? Well, to be honest I will not do much. Xanga is a place for anyone and everyone to write about what is on their mind. It can be about the school day, or a recent break up with the significant other or a spat with parental units. Basically it's about expressing any thought you would write in a private journal. What makes Xanga so different is that we have the opportunity for feedback under the veil of--for most of us--anonymity.

For me as well, Xanga is a place to express things that are on my mind. Since I have been on our physical planet longer than most other Xangans--actually longer than any Xangan I know--I have a lot of different experiences that I like to talk about. And all these experiences have amalgamated to create one unique character: the O-man. And so I will simply continue to do what I have been doing, being me.

Now, don't get me wrong. Being nominated for Mr. Xanga--a fun idea--is an honor of which I am unworthy. In fact, I nominated someone else but learned--from you, in fact--that the person I nominated is that one who nominated me. Go figure. It must be a private mutual admiration society, hehehehe. But anyway, I will continue to be who I am, because my presence on Xanga--like most everyone else's--adds to the world of experiences, opinions and ideas that we share, for better or for worse, with each other. It truly allows us to have a dialogue, a conversation, hell, maybe even a town meeting, instead of the monologue that is the traditional journal/diary. Is this not a good thing? I think it is.

Anyway, your contest will help expand the sphere of influence we all have with each other for all the contestants and voters. So I must say loudly:

Kudos to Eechim and Fongster8

I hope my listeners will go to your sites and vote. (Just click on the names: Eechim for Mr. Xanga, Fongster for Ms. Xanga.) Remember that you can only vote once and on Mr. Xanga you have to vote on the correct entry--there are two. And guys, don't vote for me until/unless you have read some of the others sites nominated. There are some really interesting reads out there. Better than mine? Could be... So check it out guys...

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