Thursday, April 15, 2004

Curry party update

Okay, yesterday, I went with M to get the food for the party, and it wasn't cheap. Someone commented that I might try a pot luck, but I don't like that because different people bring different amounts and there is always some discrepancy that makes it seem unfair. Besides, while it ain't cheap, I like to feed my students, just like I liked being fed by one of my professors long ago at UCLA. Anyway, here's the scheduled menu:

  • Vegetable curry with spinach (iron), tomato (for mildness), carrots (beta carotene) and onions (cuz I like onions) in a medium-hot S&B roux.
  • Chicken curry: Green Thai curry with bamboo shoots, eggplant, onions and chicken. This is medium hot, too.
  • Dry curry: My famous dry curry--one beef, one vegetarian (soy)--in a secret mix of vegetables, spices and sauces.
  • Korokke (potato croquettes): One beef and one vegetarian. May be eaten with the curry (suggested), or separately with chuno sauce--that's the medium sauce between Worchester and tonkatsu sauce.

Other gatherings

And before anyone has a cow, let me state that even though this may be the last "major" curry party, my bungo students--the ones I really love, major or not--will still get an invite. My house is their house... wait, let me rephrase that... um, they can come when I invite them... er, that didn't come out well either. Anyway, the bungo class has already reached its cap of 15--the first time EVER--in three days since registration openned. WTF is happening? Why would anyone who is not a major want to subject themselves to such torture? Only a handful get an A--like 2 out of every 10--and it is hard as all get out. But more importantly, how am I gonna make 15 okonomiyaki? Ugh! I hope they aren't taking the class just to get fed...

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