Sunday, February 08, 2004

Xanga problems

Is Xanga acting up again. For awhile there, I had no problems leaving comments and got into the habit of not copying my comment before submitting. Of course, this means some of my recent comments have disappeared into hyperspace, again. And from what I've heard from others--most recently from ElliottSez--its happening again. Don't forget to copy guys: ctrl+a, ctrl+c.

Ask and ye shall be heard
zettonv: so you require your assignments be turned in in japanese? if not you should!
I don't require assignements in Japanese. The film course is open to everyone and as it fulfills the general curriculum requirement, I get all manner of students, most of whom do not know Japanese. Films are in Japanese but all are subtitled. There are a lot of movies I wold love to show--right now I wanna show Go (about Koreans born in Japan), but its not available with subtitles in the US. So the assignements are in English and so relatively easy, despite what Purin_kun says in Comment of the Day. I mean, c'mon, one to two pages. Oh, and you and your brother and ddsb take the same class? You do readings and film in Japanese? That sounds like a cool class. Since yours is a language course, I hope there are no subtitles in your films...

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