Sunday, February 08, 2004


Only one more week 'til Valentines Day
I'm dying. No, really. I'm such a jerk these days, these months, these years. I am the master procrastinator and as a result, i always find myself running around trying to find something appropriate to give to Musubi-chan on Valentines Day but ultimately, everything is sold-out, or extraordinarily cheesy, like Whiman's Chocolates from the local supermarket. Of course, Musubi-chan is the sweetest person in the world and will accept anything with joy. I am totally unworthy. But this year, even though I am fast running out of time, I have a plan. Last year, I had not Xanga. This year... yes, you! Can anyone give me a suggestion? Nothing abstract, please. "It's not the cost of the gift"... Blah, blah, blah. I need specific, concrete suggestions. All suggestions welcom, but especially from you women out there.
What would you want from your significant other?!?
What would turn you on?!?

GUIDELINES: 1. I've known Musubi-chan since 1994. We've been married since 2000. 2. No chocolates, flowers or dinners. Doh! Been there, done that. 3. I have little time. I'm usually working or Xanging. 4. Money is not a crucial issue, but I can't afford to buy a car or take a spontaneous vacation. 5. And yea, I realize how pathetic I am... But please help me anyway! Let me hear from you!

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