Saturday, February 07, 2004

Low Yield

Yesterday's entry garnered the fewest number of comments in a while. I think I got more comments on the Superbowl prediction entry, one that I thought would definitely be low yield. I did get some enthusiastic responses from those who have likely spent time considering the implications of change, particularly in there own lives. I suppose the entry was a little philosophical than usual, perhaps more so than most want to think about. Why expend energy on something like that on a weekend? But I would rather think that my readers were actually running around, having fun, getting a good start to the weekend. Now that's a reason I can understand.

Speak and ye shall be heard
BarbEric_Bojo: man, i so would like to take a movie watching class. I would ace that class.
Hahahaha. Yeah, my class is pretty easy. All my papers are short and there is no mid-term. Here's a portion of my syllabus.

Assignments and Final Exam There are eleven (11) weekly quizzes, seven (7) response papers, two (2) movie reviews, two (2) short essays, and a final exam (comprehensive).
Weekly quizzes will commence after the second class. Quizzes will require you to respond to questions dealing with the film, reading assignments and lecture from the previous week. The quizzes will be conducted electronically through Blackboard. Familiarize yourself with it. Assignments will be conducted through the "Testing" link. Quizzes will be online for 24 hours from 6PM on Monday to 6PM Tuesday. You can only open the quiz once. You can only take the quiz once. There is a 30 minute time limit. Do not miss a quiz, There is NO MAKE-UP except with verifiable excuse--illness with a doctor's note, accident with police report. In such cases, make-up quiz will be a hard copy quiz in my office.
Response papers (one page, approx. 300 words) will be written based on a specific question or issue announced in class and/or on Blackboard. The Response must correspond to the question or issue specifically.
Reviews (two to three pages, approx. 500-750 words) should discuss a specific film as it relates to one aspect of Japanese culture. Any discussion or information you provide熔utside sources, script/text, cinematography洋ust be related to one significant cultural aspect of Japan.
Essays (two to three pages, approx. 500-750 words) will be written based on a predetermined question announced in class and/or on Blackboard. You should use assigned and other relevant readings to develop your discussion.
If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact the instructor during office hours, after class or make an appointment. Due dates are provided on Blackboard. Late papers will not be accepted. If you cannot make class due to an emergency, hand your paper in early or have a classmate hand it in for you. Ultimately, however, you are responsible for the submission of your own paper. I will accept assignments sent as an e-mail attachment only in verifiable emergencies; you will need proof of you emergency.

So do ya still wanna take the class? The movies are interesting...

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