Thursday, February 19, 2004

Seriously now!

Right when I decide to leave Xanga, Xanga crashes! Is there a connection or something? Hahahahaha! Just kidding. Some of ya' will just roll your eyes in disbelief. I'm sure.
Well later this morning, I have a lecture to give on Japanese poetry. For some reason, they think I'm an expert. Man, do i have them fooled... But i will talk about texts and contexts and intertext. Sound weird? I hope so. I want to disrupt the class by asking them: Do words have meaning? And of course the answer is, NO. Words do not have meaning. We give them meaning. But not in the way you think. For we apply meaning to words based on context. But I will explain this later. For now, I have to go to sleep. I think I'll be lucky to get 5 hours... Wish me luck... Oh, and you can leave a comment by signing my guestbook...

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