Friday, February 20, 2004

Old soldiers

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away--Douglas Macarthur
Yes, I have not yet left, not because I won't, but because I feel I have to tie a few loose ends before I go... Ok, ok, I just bet that some of you are rolling your eyes, thinking... Onigiriman's milking this thing for everything its worth... Well, I hate to disappoint--I think--but I would like to leave a last few comments, mostly because I will still be on Xanga to visit your sites and that I want to leave a few words of appreciation to those individuals who have left so many kind words for me...

For today, I would like to recognize a few subscribers who have written on their own blog words of support that I truly appreciate.

japblkgrl gokingsgo mmh Paiky zettonv Omega ddsb2000 simply_marie Sammy

Also, there's a new blobring that kinda humbles me.... hahahahah. Actually, I'm kinda freakin' out all over again.

Anyway, these nine individuals will be getting special decoder rings soon. Hahahah.

NOTE: According to my watchdog, Purin_kun, the defaming comment has been taken down...

NOTE2: Today's comment by detachable reminds me that many of you may not have read the Onigirman story. It's on the JAJournal. Link above.

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