Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Major disappointment

This is a comment someone left about me on
[Onigiriman] was a great professor. For $15 he turned by B into an A!! Thanks professor!!

As you might imagine, I was rather taken aback. First, allow me to state for the record that I have NEVER taken money for a grade. NEVER! Students who go to Japan or on vacation somewhere have occasionally given me an omiyage [souvenier], usually candy or cookies. But money? For a grade? Never...

Now, this person--I don't know if its a student or another Xangan--has placed my reputation and my livelihood at risk. Was it done as a prank, a joke? Was it done maliciously? Either way, the effect is the same: It is a public comment that defames me. And under the veil of anonymity, it is a cowardly act, to say the least.

"How does it defame you? Who would take seriously?"

My employers would. As a comment on a public site, they are well aware that any number of people will read it. Can you imagine a highschool student trying to determine which school to choose going to this site to check up on professors. Woah, professors can be bought? Can you then imagine the parent looking at this: $15? It must be a joke, son. But to write something like that suggests that the student has no respect for his teacher. Look for another school.

These are the kinds of scenarios that employers could consider. And as a result, will take steps to remedy this. I don't think the administrators at my school will subject me to some form of disciplinary action--althoug it is a possibility--but they will form an unfavorable opinion of me and my teaching methods.

Since the comment was posted after I mentioned it here on Xanga, there is, I believe, a good chance that the person who left the comment reads this site, at least occasionally. And as such, I feel betrayed. Consequently, Onigiriman has decided to leave Xanga. I will continue the JAJournal--click on Best of Onigiriman, above--in one form or another, but will be discontinuing my posts here.

So whoever you are, I hope you had a good laugh.

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