Thursday, February 12, 2004

Just how flirtatious can a Riceball be?

Here's a comment I was going to make the Comment of the day, but I could not leave leave it alone without responding.
bane_vixen: i wonder how your students (or former students) would feel if they knew you were flirting with someone who could possibly be your student (age-wise, that is)?

Okay, guys. Settle down. I just know you're all rolling on the floor. Onigiriman flirt? I suppose I might have the capacity to flirt, but I'd bet Homer Simpson would get a better response from the fairer sex--even if its only because he has way more money than me.

I mean, this is sooooooo embarassing. Would a young lady actually think I was flirting? Here on Xanga? Oh my.... Now, I'm very flattered... *ahem* I think.... But to me, flirting involves a modicum of expectation. When I was younger, I flirted quite a bit, but always with the expectation that I would get a positive reaction. And you know where mutual flirting can sometimes lead. [Will Robinson. Danger! Danger!] However, at my advanced age, I have absolutely no expectation of a positive reaction, although I must admit my choice of diction may suggest I am flirting in an environment sans intonation, facial expression and body language. But believe me, if you ever meet me and get to know me like my students. You'd KNOW that I was not flirting. Fooling around certainly, but never flirting. I have told many of my students how good looking they are--male and female--from a strapping young man to a doe-eyed young girl. They laugh or giggle, and say "oh, sensei, cut it out." And we laugh. They know that an overweight, old teacher like me wouldn't even pretend to have a chance with these cute, nubile, young things... hehehehhe. Just kidding. Gotta watch my diction...

Indeed, just last night after class--it ends near 9pm, yuck--I was trying to button the snaps of my jacket. With my gloves and other suff in my pocket, I was having a little trouble making them reach each other. One of my students--tall, slender, certainly not unattractive--says,

"Sensei, maybe you should run a little more on your treadmill."

I responded by doing what only I can do, and actually what my students will allow me to do. I took out a glove and threw it at her. But that is how my students and I interact. Of course, if the student was a male, I would have reacted exactly the same way. So whatever they may see me write on Xanga, they will laugh and think, Onigiriman is being Onigiriman. Hahahahha.

But speaking of flirtatious texts, can we take a look at your comment? This is what you wrote the other day:

you know..... there's just something sexy about the word "sensei." not teacher or instructor or professor but sensei. and no, i don't have a japanese fetish. haha, i've been watching too much anime.

Now, tell me. Whose flirting with whom? Hahahahahah, just kidding. There's no way I could believe you were flirting... Just a little "what's good for the gander is good for the goose." Of course if you were, send me an e-mail. No one will be the wiser... Hahahahahhaha. JUST KIDDING!

But I shouldn't make Bane out to be the Vixen; she's is actually fun to banter with. And besides, maybe I do seem to be flirtatious to people who don't know me. I hope not... NOT. hehehehe. (Gawd, I can't help myself... someone please save me!) But I think I've been kinda honest on this page. I never say I'm good looking, and I give you the chance to look at my pudgy mug in the profile pic. And, geez, my doppelganger is a freakin' ball of rice, fer cryin' out loud. Even my advanced age is no secret. 1955 in my profile is the actual year I was born. That makes me 49 this year. So since everyone and his cousin on Xanga seems to have been born AFTER 1980--except Elliott, Sammy and Paiky; sorry guys--I don't expect ANYONE to take me seriously. Just havin' fun, that's all. But now, since you brought it up, I gotta ask...

Some of you have received comments from me that may seem "suggestive." Some of you guys, I'm sure, have read some of the comments I have left at other sites. While I do it in good fun to make people laugh or make 'em feel good, did you ever get the impression I was flirting?


moo said...

Of course you have left the impression of being flirtatous. Yet, I think you have a flirtatous personality, rather than being an actual "flirt". Although in general, some people take advantage of this by saying it is their personality to flirt, when really they are flirting intentionally for reactions and self assurance.

moo said...

you know, you can delete the comment if it's too much.