Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Valentine's Suggestions

Thanks for all the ideas! To paraphrase a striped friend of mine: "They were great!" Some were funny, some were eye-openning. And I've decided on something that is kind of a combination of all the good ideas, which I've added at the end. But first, here are some responses to your suggestions.

mystic_creator: I'm taking my significant other to Japanese restaurant to eat traditional Japanese. It should be very interesting and romantic.
We'll probably go out anyway, maybe sushi at Makoto, one of the few places I've been to in the US that makes me think I'm back in Japan: small, clean, take off shoes at entrance.

PaikyPoo: roses d00d... roses... i know u said no flowers but EVERY normal woman/female in this world loves to receive flowers. or u could wait till she comes home valentine's day wrapped/clothed in nothing but a big red ribbon. i'll let u decided where it should be tied, HAHA!
Yes, I think I'll be getting roses as well, although I've been pricing them and they are all $70 or more per dozen. Do women realize how expensive they are? And I'll tie my ribbon around my left pinky. Don't want it to get in the way, y'know? Hahahahha. Back at ya, Paiky....

Nice, but no time
hoymahal: my only suggestion is a cruise around the potomac? although that could be booked already...
Isn't the Potomac kinda cold right now with all the wind? I think it too late anyhow..

iiSoNySoUnDii: Maybe you can order her something that she misses from Japan?
What she misses most from Japan are her sons, and I can't have them come over right now. But this is a really good idea. Wanna remind me around November next year to purchase tickets early?

simply_marie: HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!? lol ... bah that's what I've always wanted!
Mr_Mephisto: I say Hot Air Balloon. On my way up from Tokyo this weekend I saw some and was OOBER tempted. Then again, its cold, maybe its more like a summer type event.
Yeah, its too cold. If I lived in LA--LIKE SOME PEOPLE--I'd consider it...

... And no money
mmh: If money is not an issue, some piece of jewelry/accessory would be nice? (ring/necklace/etc), or a little piece of decoration at home... I personally like gifts, I can keep with me all the time.
gt_ninja: I say a nice piece of jewelry. Of course I have always liked shiny stones.. perhaps too impersonal unless you find something that has a special meaning for you both.
japblkgrl: jewelry is nice...expensive jewelry even that has sentimental meaning that has sentimental meaning and is heart is racing at the thought of it.
Okay, I know I said money is not an issue, but all the jewelry that I have ever considered is over $1000. I wanted to get her a Movado watch and that sucker is like $800. For that kind of money, it shouldn't just tell time, it should stop time, alter time, MAKE time... Valentine's Day is too close to Christmas. My credit card is still in cool down mode...

The Creative
hanazakari: perhaps some bon jovi?
She has everything BonJovi. Of course, if Jon Bonjovi himself came over, that would be a different. But he's such a conceited ass. How can anyone from NJ be that conceited.

ikerton: She likes to work out right? You can get her one of those wind-proof North Face fleeces, so she can go running in this cold weather w/o being weighed down.
She has wind-proof clothes. If it has to do with exercise, she's already got them in triplicate...

JustAJapGirl: Handcrafting something would be nice. But then again... I know! You can just spend quality time with her, catch up on what's new what's old...ok, that was corny.
Handcrafting is nice but I'm all thumbs.

zettonv: i say you just spend some quality time with her, maybe take her out to dinner, but better yet you should try cooking a really nice meal, and perhaps rent a movie??? i dont know sounds kinda corny but seems like something i would do.
RieLin: You know what sounds really really nice like some of the comments above you should try to genuinely cook a nice meal. Like cooking something that takes both time and effort.
I already cook, perhaps not as often as I used to, however. FYI: I cook a variety of stir-fried Chinese dishes using anything from broccoli to bok choi. Unagi-kun likes my own Ma-bo Tofu Country Style--it includes onions and carrots. Nikibi-kun likes my chicken chuka-don (stir-fry over rice) with onions, celery, chingen-sai, snow pea, baby corn, et al. I also cook standard stuff too, from pot roast to meat loaf to quesadillas. Musubi-chan likes my spaghetti--tomato sauce made from scratch--but says she has no preference. She just likes it when I cook.

SATO: Here is what I did last year for my girlfriend. I took her out to a dinner. And then after that I told her that I had a surprise for her but I wanted it to be a surprise and I blind folded her. So I drove her to the hills where you can see a nice view of the whole valley. I took the blindfold off and she started crying... Well I don't know if she was crying for joy or crying because she was stuck with such a loser... but hey she said, and I quote "It was the best gift I have gotten in my whole life..."
Okay, everyone, all together now... "Aaaaaah."

crotchety_old_man: well i confered with a good friend and the consensus is to recreate a significant date/night/moment you had with wifey either when u two first met as friends or during your first couple months of marrige... something that would remind her of earlier times together (if u can remember! j/k)
A great idea, but we'd have to go to Japan for it. But you actually had a powow? I am so not worthy...

BarbEric_Bojo: find a four leaf clover.. thatd be the bestest
The "bestest"? But I think this would be better for me. I can use all the luck I can get.

Cboy918: If you play any instruments play or write her a song.
Actually, I used to play the piano. But I was a pretender, and cannot even come close to composing anything of worth. (those of you who read NLUTE already know this.)

Uh, thanks... I think
ElliottSez: I had an idea. Get about 200 lbs. of those tiny heart shaped glitter-fetti and cover the whole floor of your place with them. She would love it!
I'm sure she would love it but, uh, she would love it more if I cleaned it up afterward, y'know what I mean?

bane_vixen: how about you buy women's lingerie and prance around in it in front of her? it's not very romantic but it sure as hell funny, not to mention political (reversal of gender roles?) you might even like the feel of satin or silk against your skin...
Kizyr: Women's clothing can be comfortable, but it feels a bit funny usually. It'll feel nice against the skin, for sure, but since the male form can't fill it out properly all the contours you likely won't be able to stand wearing it for very long.
While I like the feel of satin and silk against my skin, I, um, would rather feel it while SHE's wearing it. Although the role reversal angle is kinda interesting... And Kizyr! How do YOU know that women's clothing feels a bit funny, or that it won't fit all the contours?!? Hahahahahah!

SammyStorm: I was going to suggest getting a premium Xanga page just for her, but that's probably a bad idea. hahaha!
No shit...

ca1b0y: prancing around in lingeries might be interesting too.
Will you cut it out already?

SammyStorm: How about one of those all-day spa treatments?
japblkgrl: i agree with sammystorm about the spa. buy her the spa works...massage, face/body treatments, man/pedicure. i'd be a love slave (for the day) if my bf bought me that.
NukemVomit: How about something at a day spa? That stuff's nice, and I'm sure she'd appreciate something to help relax and such. I mean after all, who isn't stressed out or busy?
takunishi79: ...and not one of those shady spas, aiight?
Oh man, a japblk girl as a love slave... My imagination is running wild... Anyway, I think she would really enjoy a spa as well, but she is always hesitant about going to these places because, according to her, she would rather not be touched, massaged, kneaded by a strangers hand. And before you make any suggestions, I massage her feet, legs and shoulder for hours as we watch TV.

THE idea that got me thinking....
tinkariffic: Most girls just like the attention that comes with anything their significant other gives them. No need to get all worked up about it, nor spend a lot of money. Is there something small that she's been meaning to get, but hasn't gotten around to? Like a book she really wants to read, or a local place she really wants to go.
Indeed, the phrase, "Is there something small that she's been meaning to get" struck a chord in the well of my consciousness. Yeah, she's been hinting that she wants to get her ears pierced. Simple enough. And it "proves" that I've been paying attention--of course, it took tinkariffic to trigger it. Then maybe I can get her some studs--not too expensive, but still jewelry, right? Something personal that will always "be with her." Now, I'm a traditionalist in many ways--maybe too many for my students? hehehehe. But I believe that God gave us a set number of holes and there is no need to make extras. Musubi-chan is the same. We don't frown on others for their choices, just as we don't expect others to frown on us. But I guess there are more pierced ears in the US than Japan, certainly at our age, and I think its kinda tickled her curiosity, and I will let Musubi-chan do anything she wants, basically. So, yeah, that's what I'll do. One more small favor, if I may indulge in your generosity one more time.

Where the hell do I take her to get her ears pierced? The doctor? Department store? Is it sanitary? I am, again, totally lost.

Parting shot...
SleepingCutie: To me, valentine's day is just another day. I don't expect anything spectacular from a guy. Dude, I'd HATE it if I had to outperform myself in ANY area every year. I'm so glad I'm a girl! ^-^
Me too.

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