Saturday, December 13, 2003

Car fixed...

Yeah, my cars fixed. As I noted earllier, my expereince with Geico has been pretty good. I think Eric said he was paying outrageous prices for insurance with the same company. Well, its pretty good for this old man. Anyway, here's a before and after photo.

You can see the dent in the left very clearly and the broken taillight. On the right is the fixed fender. They just popped it out and smothed it I suppose, but they did a pretty good job. If they were gonna do such a great job, I shoulda had them detail the car as well. I have a few small dings around the car that coulda used some work. Does anyone know how much detailing usually costs?

Anyway, something at work got me a little miffed and so I went to drown myself in beer last night... yeah, yeah, I know, I don't really need to make an excuse to tie one on. I'll drink because its raining, or because the sky is blue, or because the sun set in the west today. Hahahaah! So I have a monster hangover this morning. Later, today, we went shopping and we bought a leaf (?) of aloe. Musubi-chan peeled it and took the meat of it and made me take a tablespoon of it! Yuck, it is sooooooooooooo bitter. I can still taste it--Winward_skies was IMing me at that moment and will attest to my reaction...

But guess what? no more headache, no more upset stomach! Wow, this thing really works. Aloe is not only for the hair and skin, it's good for you innards as well. A panacea if ever there was one. Now it could only fix the scar on my right cornea. Oh yeah, are there any opthamologists out there? What do you do with a scarred cornea--it's about half the size of a grain of rice--short of a transplant? I once had laser surgery to remove it, but had to take steroids to prevent the scar from trying to heal itself--by healing itself, the scar reformed and its exactly like have wax paper over one eye. I can see light through the eye and some color, but basically everything is totally opaque. I know! Why dont' you try it. Tape wax paper over one eye/one side of your eye-glasses, and try to function for a few minutes: read the newspaper, watch TV, go up and down stairs--ooo, scary. I have virtually no depth perception so be careful. Ha. If anyone actually does try it for fun, let me know what its like. I've had this for so long, that I don't know how drastic the difference is. And oh yeah, I'm not tryig to garner some kind of sympathy, all in the spirit of total disclosure, something Paiky would understand... Hahahaah.

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