Saturday, December 13, 2003

Not-so-Public Service Announcement

Rice Bowl Journals
It has occured to me that most of the hits we get on RBJ are from strangers. Do they block certain IPs? I'm not sure. But apparently they clear the number every week--usually Friday, but this week it was Thursday night. If we click on each others sites maybe we can get on the first page and if we do, "strangers" will also click on our sites out of curiosity. I have notice that when I'm in the top 20 on the first day, I usuallystay in the top 20. When I'm not, then I dwell in the unnoticed area between 100-300. Another thing I notcied is that if you don't have a photo on you r profile--Taku, I'm talking to you!--then you seem to be ignored by the counter...

Anyway, what do you say we try an experiment and click on each other for the first few days next week, Probably Friday, maybe Thursday... and see how we fare in the top 20. I nkow that Marie is not so hot on the idea of "hits", but lets consider this an "experiment", okay? As far as I know, the people who come here regularly and are on RBJ are: mmh, Sleetse, Zettonv, Hattori_hanzo, Paikypoo, Enygma81, SammyStorm, Barberic_bojo, ca1b0y. If you click these names it will take you to RBJ and give these guys "hits". Don't forget me too. Like I said, this is not a way to get a whole bunch of hits, but it is an experiment to see if being in the top 20 early will affect how your overall hit total will be affected. I get the feeling that some of the popular people hit each other to make sure they are always on top. As Kyzer (when are you gonna start posting?) pointed out, they are all pretty cute looking girls. Well, I say that Marie and Anna are pretty cute too--as are we guys--and we deserve to be in the top twenty once in a while... So if you're game, click on these names often and let's see if anyting happens...I will post these names again next week when RBJ renews the numbers. Like I said, it's an experiment and done all in good fun... So let's Check it out.

And again, thanks to those of you visiting the Rice Bowl Journal by clicking on my icon. I've received comments and words of encouragement from RiceBowlers, as well. And don't forget to tell me if you decided to join RBJ because you saw it here first!

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