Monday, May 08, 2006

Sensei on the Brain


kay, I know that I said that the semester is over, but I still have finals. Worse, I have students who forgot to take a quiz or turn in a paper. I scold them, remind them of the evils of being irresponsible and then accept their work, albeit late. Yes, I accept their excuses and let them get away with murder, the death of a sensei.


I don't do this to get on their good side, mind you; I'm simply like that ice cream--a softee. As a result, however, some of my students can't seem to forget me. :) This is a recent IM I received from a former student:

(2006-05-05 00:06:28) ekru:i had a dream last night
(2006-05-05 00:06:31) ekru: that i was in your class
(2006-05-05 00:06:39) ekru: and being the jerk that i usually am
(2006-05-05 00:06:42) ekru: and you got pissed
(2006-05-05 00:06:46) ekru: and called [the university president]
(2006-05-05 00:06:50) ekru: and he came to class
(2006-05-05 00:06:54) ekru: and threw me out of school!
(2006-05-05 00:07:03) ekru: wtf i thought these dreams were supposed to end after graduation!

Oh well, maybe their memories of me aren't always so good.

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senorrrita said...

HAHAHA! Funny, I still dream of school myself.