Monday, May 01, 2006

Gasoline Prices


n spite of how robust the economy is going according to Bush, it hasn't reached my level yet. I swear I am saddened everytime he says the economy is growing to the benefit of ALL Americans, because it seems that he is only referring to that ten percent of the population making six figure salaries AND getting tax breaks from him.

Bush: We do have a strong economy. It's third quarter growth was great. We've added 4.5 million new jobs since April of 2003. Home ownership's at an all-time high. Small businesses are flourishing. I mean, this economy is good. And it's strong.

I look at my bank statement. I look at my credit card statement. It is not a pretty site. His statements about employment are rosy, but I already have a job. I have received raises over the years, but it has not kept up with inflation. When adjusted for inflation, I actually make less now than I did ten years ago. President Bush feels the economy is strong, but I don't feel it at all. I work hard, but my money disappears in higher fuel costs--specifically gasoline and utilities. The food at Safeway or Giant seemt to get more and more expensive. A loaf of bread (multi-grain) 10 years ago was about $1.50. Now it's over $3.00. That's double, but my salary has not doubled, that's for sure. Not even close...

While Bush finds the economy to be strong, I wonder who the beneficiaries are? I know it isn't me.

Is it you?

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