Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Weekend


he holiday season will finally end this weekend. The Super Bowl this Sunday is the last opportunity to stuff my face and drink guilt-free beer. I have done most of the work I wanted to do this weekend so I can spend a relaxing Sunday watching guilt-free TV. And with the guilt-free chips and sausages I will be eating, I estimate I will gain about 4 pounds before I return to class on Monday. I had better do some walking Monday morning so at least I won't show up to class with a bloated face. How unappealing.

Speaking of which, I have been trying to walk as much as possible. I don't walk those 10,000 steps everyday, but I have done it four days this week. 10,000 steps is about four and three-quarter miles for me, so that means that I walked about nineteen miles in total. Last week I walked 10,000 on five different days. The net effect after only two weeks is that I have lost 3 pounds without sacrificing too much from my eating habits. *pats self on back* But as the Super Bowl brings to an end my excuses for binging on snacks and beer, I hope my body will respond even more positively as the spring progresses..

As for the Super Bowl, all the pundits are picking the Pittsburgh Steelers and it's hard to argue their momentum. They have basically steam rolled everyone in the AFC during the playoffs. Further, since it's the Seattle Seahawk's first time to the big game, they might manifest a "just happy to be here" attitude. Of course, this is a recipe for defeat. But you never know. I have nothing against Rothlisburger or Cower or Bettis. But, man! The Steeler fans are coming out of the woodwork and some of them are as obnoxious as hell. Go Seahawks!

Seahawks 20 - 13 Pittsburgh

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