Friday, February 03, 2006

Settling Into the Semester


he third week of the semester has just finished and I think that I'm finally settling in. As earlier reported--and all rumors to the contrary--I love to teach. But I am only human. After grading finals, I did nothing but relax and spend time with M during winter break.

Usually I get ready for the semester before the semester starts--writing a syllabus, creating a schedule--but not this year. I needed my time and I took it. I took off until the very last day, and I think this was better. This, of course, had its repercussions. Going to class with a syllabus with mistakes is not exactly good form, but things have a way of working themselves out. I apologized to the students, told them to look for changes on Blackboard--the online class management progam--and I went forward and lectured. I think this has worked out best for everyone. I feel more relaxed--not harried--and can enjoy teaching more. I think the students would appreciate a teacher who is more relaxed than one who looks busy all the time... I'm still busy, of course, but I feel more in control--well except for the first week or so when the syllabi really needed more work... Oh well...

Have a good weekend all!

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