Thursday, January 12, 2006

You know you're getting older when...


ve been feeling much older these days. I often receive compliments that I look and act young, and I won't deny it, because I do think I look and act younger than every one I know who is around my age. People ask me what the trick is and I tell them that it is having a young heart. But that's a bunch of bull. I think it is closer to being immature that being young at heart. Immaturity allows to be irresponsible--unless I really have to be--and that leads to less stress. And that is the key... for me, anyway. And yet, regardless of how others view me, I actually feel old these day, thanks to very specific telltale signs that may not always be visible to others.

There was a time when I would observe my Dad's habits and swear that I would avoid them when I got to his age. Well, guess what? I am my Dad's age and I can't seem to avoid his habits. Is it genetic? Am I cursed to repeat his actions? As I watched my Dad, I knew that that there were some unavoidable things I would inherit from him at a certain age.

  • Graying hair--Actually, the hair on my head is still fairly black, but facial hair leaning toward more salt than pepper.
  • Hair growing out of certain orifices--This is something that happens to everyone as they age. I should prune regularly, but I am as diligent as I am with pruning the bushes around the house, much to M's chagrin.
  • Snoring--This can be controlled to a degree by watching my weight. Unfortunately, I'm a passive watcher, and I've been watching it climb steadily over the years...
  • Declining eyesight. This is a killer for me, but there is nothing I can do about it.
  • Creaky joints--The lubrication is decreasing, which then influences my desire--or lack of it--to exercise. Squats can really hurt when you knees snap, crackle and pop.
  • GI issues--This includes both acid build up and gas build up. Acid creates heartburn and I've been eating a lot of Tums these days. And my regular readers remember what happened a month ago with the chest pains...

While I am more or less resigned to the fact that I must live with these various physical declinations, there are other manifestations that seem to be under my control... and yet completely out of control. I blame this squarely on my Dad.

  • Incessant burping--This might be due to a declining elasticity of the GI tract, forcing me to do something with the gas. The problem is that many times the burp will come out without a thought.
  • Sleeping in front of the TV-- This one kills M. I will sleep in front of the tube, but when someone turns off the TV, I wake up instantly and insist that I'm watching it. I'd bet that many of you know a person like this, no?
  • Less focus--I occasionally wonder if this is something under my control, but ultimately I must insist that it is. This relates to all my other ills--procrastination, weight gain, less exercise, et cetera.
  • Crying when I watch stupid J-dramas--I swear, I used to laugh when my old man would reach for the box of tissues during the moving episodes of Japanese dramas. But I was watching Last Christmas over the break and I swear I as move to tears! And I hate it. M was making fun of me. And now that I've exposed myself here, I'm sure I'll hear it from my students as well.

Anyway, aging is no fun. Believe me, I speak from experience. And believe it or not, you too are aging--not that I'm trying to share the burden with y'all. I feel like I have lived here in the DC area for a couple of years when in reality it's been more like ten. The time went by in a flash, it seems. I'm sure you are experiencing the same.

Think back to your elementary school days. Didn't it take forever for Christmas to come after summer vacation? I'd bet that it now comes upon you much faster. And that feeling you have from September to December? Well, it feels that fast for me too... except it starts in January.

So what makes you feel like you are getting older/aging?

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