Friday, January 13, 2006

My Favorite Show


onight is part two of Battlestar Galactica's "Resurrection". I can't wait! All break I had been waiting for this show. Actually, I've been waiting since September. when the first half of the second season ended. Don't ask.... All I could think was: January 6, 10 PM, SciFi channel. January 6, 10 PM, SciFi channel. January 6, 10 PM, SciFi channel... So what happens? I forget! When I realized I missed it on Saturday, I almost cried. But thank God for cable TV and reruns.

Virtually every show produced for cable is rerun on the same day, albeit late at night, and/or some other day during the week leading to the next episode. For Battlestar Galactica, the repeat is at 1 AM the same night, and on Monday at 11 PM. Whew! I set up the video machine to make sure I wouldn't miss it--although I must have set it up incorretly because it didn't record. Luckily, I noticed this right at 11 PM so I caught the show luckily.

I know, I know. This all sounds rather absurd. But I swear I am hooked on this show. I've been hooked on science fiction since i was a kid, and when StarWars came out, I was hooked for good. No, I am not a StarWars geek. I do not collect action figures, nor to I own a plastic light saber. Honest. But I am fascinated by the computer graphics (CG)incorporated in the movies, as well as the imagination it takes to create places and objects. I must admit, however, that I--as I believe most others--have become rather blase. Good CG has become common place and it now takes more than starships jumping into warp or dinosaurs to impress these days. But Battlestar Galactica delivers.

The CG is not spectacular--it is certainly no StarWars--but what it does deliver is a great story. It is not the wholesome story of the original BG from the late 70s. It is darker. It has a bite to it that is totally cool. *spoiler warning* I mean in the old show, no one could imagine Apollo committing mutiny or commander Adama in the last episode ordering an assasination! It seems that in every show, there is a "Woah!" moment. *end spoiler*

If you don't like science fiction but are a heterosexual male, there is aparently another reasons to watch it. I know some people who tell me that Boomer, played by Grace Park, is exceptionally cute. I am not one to argue. But I learned recently that she was in Maxim and revealed herself as more than just cute. The thumbnails above are not pornographic, but they are pretty slu... uh, I mean ,sexy. Click on them at your own risk.

Angelina Jolie at the Los Angeles premiere of 20th Century Fox's Mr. & Mrs. Smith

But I must admit in all honesty, that Grace Park plays second fiddle the other person depicted in this post. Yes, I know that she is involved in some sort of weird love triangle brouhaha that includes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. And she's even pregnant with Brad's kid. Not that it matters to me, as the chances of me meeting Angelina Jolie are zero. But she is quite a looker. What a face, what a body. And those pouty lips of her kill me. I'm a lip man. I love full lips. Mmmmm...

And did you know her father was Jon Voight? I was rather floored when I heard this. I see no resemblance at all. Angelina is beautiful, but can't really act. Voight was handsome as a young man, I suppose, but he definitely can act. Maybe I'm being to hard on the daughther. If only we lived in a world in which looks was enough... hehehehhe. Just kidding.

Am I the only Battlestar Galactica fan here?


Panda said...

あ~~~見たいんだけど、今ケーブルがないんだよ (涙)。でも可愛いよねこの子。

Anonymous said...

I see a resemblance between Jolie and Voight--check out the lips. I've also seen a photo of Jolie's mother when she was around Angelina's age---she looks just like Angelina minus the lips.

Don't lose hope by the way, she was in DC last year and she may be coming back here again soon. ;-) She donates millions of dollars every year to an organization dedicated to helping refugees---I know about this because my sister used to volunteer there. Jolie's a beautiful person inside and out.