Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Readers


t has been almost two and a half years since I began to blog back in June of 2003. I am not the most popular blog, certainly. I have seen sites that get thousands of hits and hundreds of comments daily. It is amazing. I often wonder if the recipient actually reads each comment. I imagine that it would take hours to read every one. As for myself, I have my share of readers, and most are pretty dedicated. There were times when I wondered if my subscribers actually read what I wrote, but occasionally I get a comment from a heretofore none quiet reader, someone who was moved to write something on a specific topic. I, in turn, am moved to learn that they are actually reading my humble words--I guess mostly on their own subscription page or by email. It is flattering. I must admit I never imagined anyone would want to read the drivel I come up with.

I am also a member of the Asian online community, the Rice Bowl Journal (RBJ). It is, as I have mentioned before, a site where bloggers of Asian heritage can commune with each other. Some have said that it is racist. I don't agree with this accusation, of course, otherwise I wouldn't have joined. It is, in any event, a place where a guy like me can meet others of similar backgrounds and share our thoughts and opinions. Although Carlos may not agree with my characterization, it is, for me, sorta empowering. We can all go there and be who we are without fear of beng prejudged--and being a minority in the US, there are times when I still feel separated from the mainstream, whether it's at work or in a bar.

Anyway, at RBJ, I have been "Quoted" again. This is my third time--I suppose Carlos, the head honcho over there, enjoys my drivel as well.

Consider Yourself Quoted
Author: Onigiriman
Journal: Onigiriman: Nice to bite, hard to swallow

Country: Japan
Location: Virginia, USA

"There is nothing that can replace words and language. It is at once abstract and concrete. A word, such as... say, "grass" is made up of four different letters, five in all--g-r-a-s-s--each of which have nothing to do with "grass", that green stuff covering the fairway of a golf course. And while it is an abstract comprised of totally unrelated "letters", when put together in the right way and order, it can convey a specific, concrete and real image of the green vegetation that grows in your front yard or maybe even fills your stash."
October 14, 2005

Besides being quoted, I have been bookmarked by a few members over there as well. While not every RBJer bookmarks, enough of those who do have placed me in the top three over there. A few more and I'll be in the top two. Any RBJer coming here who hasn't bookmarked me yet? By the way, I do not bookmark myself...

Anyway, I would like to thank all you Xangans and RBJers who read my stuff. It is an honor, believe me...


Panda said...

Nagain dane~ otsukaresama. Kore kara mo naga naga gannbatte chooorai ne

ecarG said...

Congratulations! :-)

You deserve it.

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