Sunday, June 26, 2005

Winter Sonata


borrowed some video tapes from a friend of a Korean drama called Winter Sonata (Fuyu no sonata). It was dubbed into Japanese and shown on the national braodcast station, NHK. Okay, I know that a few of you will begin to hack and choke just from the title. I have talked to one who could barely stand to hear the name of the drama. A Korean student of mine told me she had wished if they were going to show a Korean drama in Japan, any drama would have been better than this one.

According to M, her friend told her that the story was kinda hokey--a guy and a girl fall in love only to learn that they are brother and sister... or are they? Well, it's very much like a soap opera and the ending was getting too hard to believe... although I must admit the finale was rather touching--okay, okay, I admit it, I watched it too. Anyway, this drama was an incredible hit in Japan and all the middle-aged women are goo-goo gah-gah over "Yon-sama" or Bae Yong-jung.

Be that as it may, I bring this up not to admit that I watch sappy home dramas--which I've done a couple of times--but rather to ask if anyone knows how I can get a hold of the title song. The Japanese title is Hajime kara ima made, which would translate into something like "from the beginning until now". After watching 20 hours of this drama, the tune is kinda stuck in my head. So if anyone knows how to get a copy of the theme song, I'd appreciate some guidance--or a little love. I guess I could alwys order it from Amazon dot co dot jp, but that would take too long.

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