Tuesday, May 10, 2005

RBJ Bookmarkers


realize that the following may not interesting to all readers, but I cannot post here without expressing my appreciation to Xangans and non-Xangans alike who have bookmarked me and visit this site through the Rice Bowl Journal.

For you non-RBJers: Check out this clock I found through--don't think poorly of me--Wil Wheaton's blog. Yeah, the guy who played Wesley Crusher on Startrek: TNG. The clock is linear and tells the time from the second to the year. If I could figure out a way to put it on my wall, I would. Actually, I can install it to my computer as it seems to be a screen saver of sorts. Indeed, there are other clock screen savers, including a strange one that is literally written by hand. It kind of freaked me out when I realized these clocks were perfectly synchronized with my computer: they changed minutes/hours at the same moment. We must all be on virtual time here.

Anyway, back to my RBJ subscribers. I'd like to thank the most recent readers who have bookmarked me on RBJ: booyahman, grace, guccibear, pari and swerve. Thanks to these people, I have bookmarks that place me in the top ten on RBJ's Top 100. I feel like a popular song on Billboard magazine.

The only drawback to RBJ is that some who have bookmarked me are not Xangans and so do not/cannot leave me comments when they drop by. Please note that if you have bookmarked me and want to leave me a comment, you can if you go to my mirror site, the JAJournal at Blogspot. I use it for archiving and transfer my posts from Xanga regularly. More importantly is that you can leve a comment without being a Blogspot member, something you can't do on Xanga. RBJers such as Pari and KnOizKi have already left comments and it would be great to hear from other RBJers who have bookmarked me but are non-Xangans, like Shiz, Swerve, Grace, and Mr. RBJ himself, Carlos.

But then, this is the narcissistic side of me speaking again. I mean, I know I said that bloggers--by virtue of keeping a public journal--are necessarily narcissistic. If you weren't, how could you publicly expose yourself, even if you use a nom de plume--that would be the old-school way of saying screen name. But this is a topic for another day. Maybe tomorrow...


pari said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning me in your entry.

Well... you can include a tagboard? Then non Xanga users can then leave their comments on the same xanga site.

Argh! Is it just me? I keep staring at the hand written clock thing because it's so hypnotic.

KnOizKi said...

wow now i'm popular for mentioning me here! but really, forraminute it was a bit confusing where to post.i din't realize xanga only allow's xanga members to post comments.

and yes, those bookmark images are coolest one i love.

i salute this blog!