Monday, May 09, 2005

Maintaining Weight


kay, I confess. I haven't been keeping to my New Year's resolution: losing weight. Why am I so pathetically weak? I mean, I know that I'm just a riceball, and rice balls are supposed to be soft and smushy, but this is getting ridiculous. All I need to do is run a bit and I'd be fine. But noooooooooooooooooooo... Too busy for that. I have to grade exams, correct assignements, prepare for classes, watch Startrek Enterprise... And I think, the weight thing exaxerbates my other issues: a receding hair line, a loss of stamina, bad skin tone.

Oh... my... God, I exhibit all the signs of... of... of aging!

Oh, what I'd give for the resilience of youth. A little exercise, skip a meal or two, and voila, five pounds gone... Fat chance these days--no pun intended. Maybe I should just hold back on the potato chips and those dark chocolate M & Ms and Sprees and Skittles and... and... Aarfh, I give up. Don't give me any grief. I'll just stay a riceball...

Cultural Note: Umeboshi is a salted and pickled plum that is oh so yummy, although many who are not accustomed to the flavor finding, well, disgusting. Personally, I love them, although that was not always the case. It's an acquired taste. It's good with chazuke (flavored tea over rice) or as a filling for riceballs...

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pari said...

0_o Umeboshi leaking... Hahaha!!

*ahem* well anyway, I'm very much against skipping meals even though it works well on some people. It'll slow down your metabolism in the long run.

You can still have those nice treats, but just go easy on them. And drink plenty of water. Oh, and do power walks if running's not your thing.

Being a riceball is not as bad as it sounds. If you flip a rice ball at an angle (inverted triangle), it'll be the ideal guy's body shape won't it?