Saturday, April 02, 2005

Final Four


hat is it about sports that gets my juices going? Perhaps it's the fact that I personally suck at sports? Hmmm... not a healthy thought, although I admit that I do suck at sports because of a visual handicap, so at least I have a reason....

Anyway, today is the beginning of the end of March Madness: The Final Four.

I had picked GW vs. Michigan State in the final. Hahahahahhaha. GW... right. But that was my dream match-up. Since Gdub beat Michigan State earlier in the season, I thought it would make for a great story line for the media. But I also filled out a "for reals" bracket and I think I did better than I've ever done. In fact, this is the first time I've ever chosen three of the four teams to make the Final Four.

This is a shot of the Sweet Sixteen I chose on ESPN. (I edited it a bit so it would fit on Xanga.) I was pretty close with the Syracuse regional, and pretty right on with Austin. Both Utah and NC State surprised. Chicago was a nobrainer, except I didn't expect Okie State to lose to Arizona. I'm a Pac 10 guy, and I'm always expecting our guys to choke. I was positive that we'd have only one team in the Sweet 16. My bad. We had TWO! I thought Washington was the only one to have any kind of chance. And if Wake Forest chocked early, maybe they'd have a real chance. Well, WF did choked, but I had no idea that Louisville would get so freaking hot. So my Albuquergue bracket got all screwed up. Not even close.

Anyway, these are my pick:

Louisville is playing well and Pitino has them hot. But a significant degree of there intensity is their reaction to being the number four seed. Or so it seems. If this is true, they should peter out, because they are getting all kinds of love around the nation, and Illinois should handle them. Michigan State is the other hot team. They seem to be gelling at the right time. They are physical and deep. UNC is deep and just plain good. But I see Michigan State winning in overtime. This should be one hell of a game to watch. I think these two should be playing for the national championship. Too bad its the semi-finals. This is a better match up than the all Big 10 Illinois-Michigan St. game.

As for the finals, I have in my bracket Illinois barely beating Michigan St. But you hae to remember I filled out the brackets before the tournament started. After watching Michigan St. actuall get this far, and if they beat UNC, I have a feeling they'll handle Illinois on Monday. But we'll have to wait and see what happens tonight. It ought to be fun...

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