Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Who wants



oogle's Gmail has been around for about half a year and I think they are still testing it. I've had my account since August, thanks to a student of mine--you can only get one with an invitation. Well, I haven't completely moved all my stuff there. I need to maintain my work account for work, and a lot of my private affairs have been linked to my other privatre email account for so long, it seems like a hassle to switch everything over to Gmail. But I am slowly doing it.

Why? Why another account? Well, Google seems to be on the cutting edge of Internet technology and so I figure having an account wouldn't be bad. It's free which makes it even better. And they give you 1000 MB of storage, so if I don't get and keep large audio/video files in the account, I'll be safe for at least a few years without deleting messages.

Now I think that many people on Xanga have enough connections to know someone who has already invited them to open a Gmail account. Well, I have a few invitations sitting around, so if you are an O-man subscriber and don't have a Gmail account already but would like to have one, leave me a comment saying so. I will contact you through your Xanga site e-mail. I probably have more than my share of invitations, so don't be shy. First come first serve. I will get to you in a day or two...

Temp List

  • Hanzo
  • Miket
  • Kai
  • Ydurp
  • Qitqat

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