Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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yjcwang. A truly decent fellow. Remember the post I wrote on flushing? There were a number of comments including "piss all over the toilet seats" and urinals that are "OVER-flowing with piss". Okay, admittedly, these are worse, and grosser. There was one retort, claiming that some people (c'mon, we know it's actually you) might be "conserving water"--but at the expense of the comfort and well-being of others?!? Well, these were all good and funny, but gyjcwang's comment was classic, and an indication that we probably would have no problems if we were roommates:

I doubt anyone ever flushes in public restrooms I used to just run through all urinals that hasn't been flushed and flush them all as I walk past them on the way out then wash my hands after.

Flush them all? Is this not a dude looking out for his fellow man? Truly, a good guy through and through. Now if you're wondering, Gyjcwang is a young man who lives in my old stomping grounds, the LA metro region. Nice, warm Southern California. I've been reading him for quite a while now, and I've been rooting him on as his career as a future Hollywood star slowly blossoms.

Admittedly, his roles have been small, but we all gotta start somewhere. SammyStorm--my favorite read, although he's too busy studying to post regularly these days--remarked on the dearth of Asian faces in movies and TV. Well, Sam, here's one who is trying to rectify the situation. Of course, he is playing to type: Asian. I saw him a few weeks ago on the West Wing as the soldier who openned the door for the Chinese Premier when Presdient Jed Bartlett visited China--yeah, it was a bit role and he was only on screen for like 3 seconds. He will also be in Memoirs of a Geisha, although I don't really know how much face time he will get. The point is that his parts have all been ones that require an Asian face.

And yet, he is plugging away. Hopefully, he--or some other Asian--will get the opportunity to play a part as an American, not an Asian American. I hope that day is close. And I hope that it's Gyjcwang. How could a guy who flushes all the toilets not be the guy?


I've got a few requests for Gmail and have sent invitations to those I could. I haven't sent one to those below whose names I haven't crossed out. You need to send me an e-mail with your name. An invitation can only be sent by e-mail. Just click on the link on the main page--yeah, I fixed it--and I'll get back to you ASAP.

And yes, the offer is still open. I have 45 invitations still...

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