Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday


ell the holiday season finally comes to a close today with the Super Bowl. As far as I can tell, the cold weather festivities begins with Thanksgiving at the end of November and lasts through __________ (insert the religious/cultural holiday of your choice), then New Years, and finally Super Bowl Sunday.

During this 2+ month stretch, I figure its okay to eat anything and any amount you want. I can think of nothing more stressful than to hold yourself back when delicious food surrounds you. Well may be one day is possible, but this period is a string of events/holidays and it is hard to sacrifce at each one, so I end up not sacrificing at any of them...

Yes, I am weak willed.

In any event, I have stocked up on beer, chips, nuts and other bad-for-the-waistline goodies. M wonders why I gather so much. Little does she know that this is my own way of stockpiling for the next few weeks, a lean period during which I have no reason to purchase junk food in any significant quantity. I feel like a squirrel.

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

I recently saw an NFL Films special on intelligent fans and they pointed to the Eagles fans because one of their cheers is actually just a spelling of their team name: E-A-G-L-E-S. If spelling the the word "eagles" qualifies as intelligence, I doubt any aliens will soon be making first contact with our little planet in search of intellgent life forms, let alone warp capability.

On the other hand, the Eagles fans' cheer is rather quaint compared to the Patriot fans who have gotten such fat heads. Geez, they win 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls and now they own the freakin' universe. Wasn't the Red Sox victory enough? I thought the Red Sox beating the Yankees 4 straight--which was very sweet, I must admit--then boinking the Cardinals was enought to sate New Enlganders for the next decade or so. Where's the parity in the NFL? In the universe? Even the Celtics are in first place. Of course, that is simply by default because every other team in their division sucks eggs. Can you imagine a team under .500 and still in first place? I swear their is something strange going on in New England. Did you guys sell you soul to the devil or something?

So while I am not necessarily an Eagles fan--former Bruin Freddie Mitchell's mouth notwithstanding--I am hoping that they beat the Patriots today. I am praying that the Patriots play T.O. honestly, because even with his healing injury, you gotta respect his talent, if not his character. I'm begging that McNabb is gonna have one of his monster games: throw well, run better. And I'm really hoping that Freddie Mitchel shuts his mouth and gets rid of the afro-mohawk, and concentrates on catching the ball.

And yet, I'm afraid that won't be good enough. My prediction: More than a field goal, less than a touchdown. Both teams will score four times, but the Patriots will have one more touchdown than the Eagles.

Patriots 24 -- Eagles 20

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