Friday, December 17, 2004

Many thanks


must express my appreciation for your many good wishes. While I still feel like I'm getting old--wait until you guys approach 50 and tell me I was wrong--I am, as I have stated a thousand times, young at heart. Immature in the eyes of some--certainly M would not go out of her way to disagree with this characterization--but... but... um... er... nevermind...

Anyway, thanks for the wishes. Geez, I know that I had disabled the eprops on this site until Xanga revamped itself and the particular script I was using didn't work anymore, but getting lots of eprops was like a birthday present in itself. 80? As well as some early and later well wishers. I hadn't received that many comments/eprops since, since... last February when I stated I was leaving Xanga because of some jerk... Ah, but that's in the past...

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to jerjonji for her many e-cards and her efforts to encourage others to send one, too. Thanks to: Hanzo, aznquarter, carey, cgran, chie_wo_sagashite, eechim, the mongoose, detachable, peachesLv9, PiscesTiff, wolferasdreams, simply_marie, crotchety, ekin, enygma81, fyzle, no1watching, iamTOFUBOY.

I also received cards from a few others, but I can't identify them. I'd like to extend my appreciation to you anyway: emptylott, mslott (the same as emptylott?), ellie n.(I think I know who this is, but I'm not sure), and jason--I know at least three Jasons on Xanga. If you guys wanna e-mail me again so I'll know who you are, I'd like that a lot.

Anyway, thanks to you all! I have to admit that I am so incredibly flattered by all the attention.

(domo arigato gozaimashita)

Also, I have to extend a double thanks to enygma81, who recently bookmarked me on RBJ, the Rice Ball... I mean Rice Bowl Journal. Her bookmark put me into the top ten for the first time! I've added your name to my Tomodachi list on this page, as well as to the gallery on the bottom of the main page. Thanks, girl.

Now, back to grading... grrrr.....

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