Saturday, October 30, 2004

No second half melt down... so far

Final: Stanford 0 UCLA 21

Yup, that's the right score. The Bruins shut out the Stanford Cardinal--in case you're wondering, there is no "s" after Cardinal like the St. Louis Cardinals. The Stanford name is not a bird, it's a color, a name that took political correctness to the Nth degree when they replaced their old name, the Indians. Anyway, the Stanford offense is pretty high powered, and even though their QB was a bit beat up from a shoulder hit last week, a shut out is still pretty impressive against this team.

* * *

We play Stanford University today. I went to both of these schools so many ask me who I root for. Well, the answer is pretty easy. UCLA. I was a Bruin fan way before I even went there, so the loyalty to the team is not only based on the fact that I went toe the school. Of course, when Stanford plays other schools, I will root for them almost as fervently... Almost...

Stanford has a quarterback that is young and incredibly good. To bad he wasn't with the Bruins. Olson is a good kid, but a poor quarterback. I think he is pretty smart, but he cannot throw consistently. So often he will under throw the ball or pass behind the receiver. The results can be awful: Incompletions or sometimes interceptions. Olson's passing yards and completion ratio are deceptive. The Bruins have talented receivers, and they often make great catches on balls thrown behind them.

Vote 2004

Well there are only three more days left. I need for this election to be over with. It's driving me crazy.

But I will watch my football games today and not think about it for the next ten hours or so.

Xanga ettiqutte

I apologize for not going to everyone's site. I have often said, you gotta give 'em to get 'em. That is for me to expect comments I have to give em. But I have been receiving without reciprocating, and I feel rather bad about it. Well, i will try to get to your sties soon. This damn election and school work--which seems to be getting worse and worse--is killing me. But I promise I will try to make time this weekend to visit as many of you as possible... in between grading my Advanced Japanese quizzes and the Pillow Book creative assignments... and hopefully the letters of recommendations I have staring me in the face... and finishing the syllabus for a course next semester I have never taught before... and the program newsletter... and carving a pumpkin for Sunday (that's M and Yoda, last years Jack-o'-lantern)... Aaargh! I'm glad we return to regular time this weekend. It will give me one extra hour... Every little bit helps.

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