Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Personal Questionaire


ilvermyst_ashke recently asked herself a bunch of questions that revealed a little bit about herself. I thought it was a group of interesting questions, so I decided to borrow it, with her permission of course...

What is your middle name?
No comment. Let it be said that my middle name cause me much grief when I was growing up because it was my "American" name. The Japanese name my parents gave me was my first name. My middle, American name was the name of the priest who married them. He was the pastor of the Maryknoll parish/mission in Los Angeles after WWII. So if you have the time and interest to follow this lead, be my guest...

When you were a child what name did you want to have?
William. Believe me, my middle name, the name that everyone knew me by was not typical. All I wanted was a regular American name, and William was it. In fact when I was confirmed in the Catholic church at 16, I chose this name, so I have two middle names.

What Parker Posey movies have you seen/do you own?
Actually, I don't know who Parker Posey is so I had to look her up on IMDb and I found I had seen a few movies in which she had appeared. Interestingly, they are all movies I could care less about: Josie and the Pussycats, Best in Show, You've got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle. Okay, I admit it. I've seen all these movies. And I didn't like any of them. Never listen to critics. Yeah, right, Best in Show was a great movie. Sleepless in Seattle was a great vehicle for Tom Hanks... GAG! Sorry, just not my type.

How many TV's are in your house?
Three. One in the living room (the new one), one in the bedroom (12 inch), and one in the basement where I run and work out (the old 20").

If you could eat anything right now what would it be?
Taquitos from Manuel's. It's on Evergreen in East LA (just north of Brooklyn/Cesar Chavez) and it's known as El Tepeyac. But we used to refer to it as Manuel's, the owners name.

Song/Artists you would sing at Karaoke?
My #18--which in Japanese means my best song--is Wakare no machi by Suzuki Masayuki 鈴木雅之. You can hear it playing if you go to the Comments page.

Do you screen your calls?
Yes. It used to keep the telemarketers at bay. I subsequently learned that I could control phone calls that I should take but didn't want to deal with at the moment, hehehehehhe.

What CD's are around you at this moment? Books?
CDs: Joni Mitchel's best hits and Komeguny by Komekome Club. Book: The Tale of Genji translated by Royall Tyler.

If there is a magazine around you what celebrity is on it?
Hmmm... Is Bush a celebrity?

How many people have you kissed?
Cannot count. There have been passionate kisses and nice to know you kisses and it's-a-wedding-so-I'm-supposed-to kisses...

What is your style?
Late 60s, early 70s casual. This means jeans and T-shirt, preferably without design except for that which I have a personal connection with. Usually, this means universities I have attended or visited. Maybe if I lose some of the weight I want to lose, I'll be able to dress up again. I can't fit into some of my better suits! What a waist... uh, I mean waste...

Do you have any deformities?
yes. My right eye has a scar on the cornea so I can only see with my left. As a result--as many of my readers already know--I have no depth perception. Other than that... is being short considered a deformity?

Can you roll your tongue?
Are you kidding? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

What is the grossest thing that has happened to you recently?
Grossest? Hmm.... There are a lot of things happenening around me that are bothersome, but gross? The grossest thing was watching a squirrel eat a cicada. Those cicadas--they're gone now--must have been scrumptious, because even those skittery squirrels wouldn't scamper away when I approached when they were snacking on a cicada. It would munch it's head, then work on the body. When it got a mouthful of wing, it would turn its head and *pui* spit it out. then continue eating. I must admit it was pretty disgusting, but mesmerizing at the same time...

What are your most recent purchases?
I just bought three pairs of cotton chino pants for school this fall. Black (pleated), black (non-pleated) and navy.

New TALL Xangan

I have a student who is new to Xangan, LaMangust, which I think she told me meant some kind of rat, a nickname she received when she lived in Italy. But believe me when I tell you that she is not a "rat", far from it. The only fault that she might have that I can see is that she is TALL. But then, that's the perspective of a very short person, so maybe she ain't so tall to others. Anyway, please visit her and give her some encouragement...

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