Monday, July 05, 2004

A few responses


trawberriesNCream311, thanks to you for actually understanding me! I joked that I was stroking myself, and your the only one who realized that I was stroking my ego. These other guys thought I was stroking... what? I have no idea what they were thinking. They seemed to think I was being nasty, so the only thing I could think of is... um... uh... huh? you mean... eeyuuuuu ... I think I just figured it out. Shame on you! I'm so embarrassed now!

Anyway, I must tell you how flattered I was by your comments regarding your impressions of me. When Bane the Vixen asked the question, she responded to the comments she recieved, but I don't think I will as they were generally very nice comments and its hard to be sarcastic when people are being nice... But I will say that I never considered myself to be a good writer as many have remarked. I write, as KF observed, just like I speak. So in a way, you can get an idea as to how I talk or lecture in class. The sarcasm and joking are, for me, my way of making students comfortable in class so they will participate more, feel like a part of the class, and a part of my life, which they are, as I think they would tell you...

Many of you noticed that I enabled the e-props for that day's post. Now, I didn't change my mind about e-props, as I have disabled them again. But Sekura81 and a few others commented that they actually discovered me through the Featured Content on the Xanga main page. The thought that good people might come my way via this route made me think that perhaps Featured Content is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, the only way to get on it is to have a large number of e-props. So I will enable my e-props occasionally, not because I like them, but because it might get me on Featured Content and allow me to meet nice people; emphasis on the word might, as it takes a large number of comments, usually of a course of a two or three days. So if you occasionally see that I have my e-props on, that will be the reason. Don't think too little of me...

Green card

When I talked about how M was having problems getting through immigration because her green card expired, Eechim expressed surprise: "how can your green card expire? If she is married to you, then that's ok, no?" Well, actually, M came on a "fiance" visa. This is one in which the soon-to-be spouse comes to the US for the express purpose of marrying a US citizen. The persons involved must prove knowledge of each other--photos, letters, plane tickets--prior to entry, and then get married within 3 months of entering the US. M came in June 2000, and we got married in 3 days. Only then could we submit papers for a green card. Then we waited 18 months for our interview. She finally got her card in 2002, but it was only temporary. The US government wants to make sure that those, who applied for permanent residency under the pretext of getting married to a US citizen, are still actually married. It makes sense, I suppose, especially in this post 9/11 era, but M came before 9/11... Anyway, after obtaining the green card, I guess we gave a collective sigh a relief and kinda lost track of the time. We were supposed to submit reapplication papers for a green card along with proof that we were still married after two years. I wonder if these Xanga posts would be proof?

Anyway, it was a pain in the a$$. And to answer ChiisanaHoshi, marrying me does not automatically make M a US citizen. If only it were that easy. To become a citizen, she must be naturalized by taking an exam and being sworn in. But she must be a permanent resident for at least two years, which she is now. After we clean up this mess--we have a court date in August--she will apply for US citizenship, I think. We'll see...

Personality Quiz

The personality quiz was kinda interesting. But ultimately, it just goes to prove that the conclusions of these online quizzes--like astrology and palm reading--are so general that any subjective reading would make it applicable to anyone. First, I should point out that "sober" doesn't mean just "not drunk" as many of you seem to think. It can also means serious, marked by self-restraint, devoid of frivolity and excess. Thanks a lot, you guys. Anyway, the "analysis" stated that I was an SRCL--Sober Rational Constructive Leader. This is a flattering conclusion, and some of you thought that the first paragraph fit me. Maybe, I was "born to lead" and as a teacher, many would see me as such. It's probably more true that I am not "particularly exciting," and this is perhaps the truest of all the conclusions. It is certainly nice to think that I might have a "strange charisma--born of intellect and personal drive--that people begin to notice when they have been around you a while." But, unfortunately, this charsima only exists on Xanga. Does it exist beyond the virtual world? Only those of you who know me can answer that--don't be bashful, leave a comment! Hehehehehe. And indeed, I "don't like to compromise," but "recognize when you have to." But this probably fits everyone, except for the incredibly weak or sociopathetically egotistical.

The second paragraph is sorta, kinda true, as well. It said that I "care absolutely nothing what other people think, and this somehow attracts people to you," I took this to mean that I am, in some respects, selfish and at times reckless in my disregard for what others think. Of course, I don't disregard others to hurt them, I am simply so focused on what I am doing that sometimes I forget those around me. But that focus, that striving toward a particular goal could, perhaps, be charismatic. Anyway, as I said, any of us could twist the analysis to fit ourselves pretty easily.

But this is certain: I will strive to treat you guys "well" and "wisely". Heheheheheheh...

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