Saturday, July 03, 2004

20 Questions to a Better Personality


he 4th of July weekend is upon us and I am still busy with a lot of family stuff. It is taking way too much of my time. I'd rather spend it with my Xanga family, at this point. But then, I'm not married to any of you--okay, I heard that. Who just exhaled a sigh of relief!

Anyway, I feel bad about not going to your sites as I should, so I will forgo a "real" entry--sorry Vixen, you shall forever be the Bane of my existence--try to use that time to visit you guys. Instead, I will give you the results of a personality quiz I found on a number of different Xanga sites. Being the narcissist I am, I decided to take it. Some of you know me better than other. Indeed, some of you know me personally. In any case, who agrees with the following analysis? BTW: I got the same result as gyjcwang.

You are an SRCL--Sober Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you an Ayn Rand ideal. Taggart? Roark? Galt? You are all of these. You were born to lead. You may not be particularly exciting, but you have a strange charisma--born of intellect and personal drive--that people begin to notice when they have been around you a while. You don't like to compromise, but you recognize when you have to.

You care absolutely nothing what other people think, and this somehow attracts people to you. Treat them well, use them wisely, and ascend to your rightful rank.

Is this close to me? I have an opinion, but I don't want to influence anyone who might respond. Anyway, I see you on your site sometime today or tonight. I promise!

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