Saturday, April 24, 2004

Hi, you're on the air...part 2

Can we get naked?

It is interesting how honest we can be under the veil of anonymity--I know, I know, Paiky, you're not so anonymous. But most of us are, except with our friends... I write pretty often, but rarely about the intimate details and thoughts concerning other peope in my family or at work. As Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet used to say: Just the facts.

But I do talk about myself--in that all too familiar narcissistic way--whether it be my opinions on race or Japan, or the details of my past. In a way, I expose myself in this public forum, making myself available to you in all my nakedness--virtually speaking, of course... In so doing, I have been lucky enough to create a dialog with many of you--teasing, flirting, playing, arguing--all the while knowing that I will probably never get to meet any of you in person... This thought kinda makes me sad as I often wonder who you are. But it also emboldens me to expose myself further, in the knowledge that none of you will probably ever get to know me anyway, and I have nothing to be embarrassed about... Of course, many of my kids who read Onigiriman already know me, and they know the kind of person I am: sarcastic, demanding, blunt, fair... sometimes an asshole, but rarely deceptive. If I'm in a bad mood, you'd know. If I'm in a good mood, you'd know. What you see is what you get, always... well usually.

And the comment about the *orgasm* yesterday was tongue in cheek, dudes and dudettes. I was just trying to convey the idea that it REALLY felt good. Geez, I bet the FCC is gonna be on my ass now.

Anyway, this basic attitude has transfered here to my persona of Onigiriman, and I have had much fun getting to know you, as many of you often comment on my entries with a similar degree of candor... and I'd like to expose all of you as well! So let's get naked:

O-man: Okay so we were talking about onsen and public bathing in general and I was wondering what your thought were about them. Have you ever been? Do you find them nice? Does the tought of getting butt naked with a stranger distgusting? Lets here from our fellow Xangans out there. Takunishi79 from Georgia, You're on the air...

takunishi79: ・・・ひまっすねぇ~~

O-man: Excuse me? Just because I put on a good show doesn't mean I have a lot of time y'know... I MAKE time, dude... And speak English, or our listeners won't know what you're saying... *click* Okay, Ekin from New York, talk to me...

ekin: 最近學校事情不多? 飯団先生的時間滿多! (If you don't understand mah Chinese then :-p )

O-man: Crap, another one. And don't stick you're tongue out at me! No, I do have a lot a things to do at school, and the O-man doesn't have a lot of time. (:-p) So there... *click* Hey M, will you disconnect the FOB hotline already? There's gotta be an FCC regulation against using English, Japanese and Chinese on the same show... Anyway, can we get back on topic? Um, line 3? Okay, enygma81 from Illinois. Let's hear about public bathing.

enygma81: I got weirded out when I went to a public bath in Korea for couple of reasons: 1. I'm not used to getting naked with strangers 2. I'm very self-conscious, especially in Korea where I definitely do not have an ideal figure.

O-man: Well, I don't really know what constitutes and ideal figure in the US either, so

enygma81: Once I got used to it, though, I liked it. However, I'm not good at saunas, even in the States, so when my cousin's wife and I went to use one of the less crowded ones, I was dying after a couple of minutes. We then found out it was less crowded because it was the HOTTER one. Sheesh.

O-man: Saunas, that's another one... but they open your pores and let you sweat out the alcohol from the previous night. I think I need one now. hehehehe... Anything else?

enygma81: I want to go to Japan someday and go to an onsen there.

O-man: Don't we all... Shiroi_norite from Nagoya, Japan. I bet you've been to an onsen, right?

Shiroi_Norite: There was nothing dramatic about my first trip to an onsen.

O-man: and so what happened?

Shiroi_Norite: The most exciting thing was being in the bath for only about five minutes before my host dad motioned for me to get out...

O-man: Yes? Yes?

Shiroi_Norite: ...and then having to wait twenty minutes in the car...

O-man: In the car? then what did he do?!?

Shiroi_Norite: ...with him learning about Japanese drivers licenses.

O-man: Drivers licenses?

Shiroi_Norite: When we went to the kaitenzushi afterwards for dinner, and there was a really long line, he apparently said very emphatically, "No! No more waiting!"

O-man: *click* Will we stay on topic. You're on the air...

ekin: I went to a sento last year, and at that time I was friends with this girl who had introduced me to her fellow classmate Kenji, and on the same day they brought me to a sento...

O-man: Hey, wait. Aren't you the FOB?

ekin: when they told me all my clothes had to come off the first thing I said was "全部!?なでやねん? O_O 恥ずかしいよ!" Hah hah. But then I decided why the hell not... (Of course I was embarrassed at first, I didn't grow up in the America that still had communal showers in high schools...)

O-man: Wait. Thye don't have communal showers in high schools anymore? Do they have individual stalls? What the...

ekin: Perhaps the sento culture changed... because I was gonna go wash up first before going into the pool, but Kenji (Who was already in the bath) asked me what I was doing and to get in. My initial worry when getting in a sento was "It'd be embarrassing if I get a random stiffy" and also I'm bathing with a guy I've only met a few hours.

O-man: Stiffy? Dude, if you get a woody in a public bath, you'd better be having a horny conversation or else they'd beat you up...

ekin: But things are quite different when you're there... you get to have nice conversation... Sorta' like you have "nothing to hide" and you come out really refreshing. I'd definitely go again.

O-man: Actually, that's a pretty good description of how I feel when I go to onsen or the sento. It is kind of refreshing. Well, said... for an FOB. hahahaha. Just kidding dude. BarbEric_Bojo from.. the Vatican?

BarbEric_Bojo: ahh being naked in front of strangers... sounds like fun..

O-man: Dude, you don't sound like a Catholic to me? Or are they coming up with a new doctrine? If so, then maybe I'll go back to church... until then, prrffzzt... Yes! Rie! Has my Texas girl ever been?

RieLin: Aaaa...onsen, I actually am looking forward to that. hahah, does that seem wierd, but I don't think I would be the least bit shy, in fact I can't wait to try it out!!

O-man: ..............

RieLin: Hahhahah, I just found it so funny about your butt getting so hot...I would probably have the same reaction!! LOL :OD Just recently I mentioned to my friend, that happens to be from Japan, that I was going to a hot tub to relax and just get a breather and then he sad..."aaaa...I want to go too..."

O-man: "he"?

RieLin: hahaha and he got to telling me about the Onsen in Japan, soo yes, I would really love to go.

O-man: I'd take ya' myself, but M would probably kill me... Oh, well... ca1b0y from Tokyo. You've been to an onsen, right

ca1b0y: I thought I'd be embarrassed going to an onsen, but when the time came, I was surprisingly okay with it. I went to a 露天風呂 for the first time this winter.

O-man: Yeah, those out door hot springs. I've only been to one, once. How'd you like it?

ca1b0y: it was GREAT. Nothing like sitting in an onsen, surrounded by a beautiful snow-covered view. I could see why you'd become hooked with going to an onsen. I don't know about making those 温泉巡り trips though. Seems a bit too excessive.

O-man: Yeah, they say if you spend too much time in the onsen, your body gets darui, which means wasted, tired... something like that... ikerton from Iowa, you're on the air.

ikerton: I made a brochure for onsen for my English class mostly about the history/culture, etiquitte, and about the onsen experience. But yeah, I've never actually been to one; I've never been to Japan. But from the information I found online and from the people I talked to, it sounds awesome. Also all the pictures I've seen look great, especially the rotenburo, and the scene you described watching it snow.

O-man: Yes, onsen and snow are a perfect match. Ask any monkey...

ikerton: I've also heard some funny stories about how old guys wash their balls at onsen, like they really get into it, like here in the US when you wash your balls people normally try to be discrete about it. But I don't know, that's just what I've heard.

O-man: Hahahah, I hate to admit it, but I've actually seen it. I thought they were beating off or something, but they were actually scrubbing away at their scrotum... It was pretty freaky... Hey, bane_vixen from Binghamton, what's up?

bane_vixen: I'd definitely feel self-conscious. mainly because I'd feel like such a heifer among all the petite Japanese women/girls.

O-man: Mooo. Hahahaha, Just kidding. I hear rumors that you most definitley don't look like a cow! And the J girls aren't so petite... well, maybe their cup size...

You can't believe how long this is getting.
Last installment tomorrow, including Sammy, Jessica, Petey, Zarah, and Jane.

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