Friday, April 02, 2004

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend coming up. There are a number of events that I will be going to, mostly related to school.
  1. Friday: A colleague has been awarded the most prestigious teaching award at the school. Unfortunately, she has a cold and has lost her voice. She says she will somehow manage.
  2. Saturday: At the Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival, one of our majors is a Goodwill Ambassador and will participate in the parade. She will also be at the festival all day. Another major is a volunteer at the festival, and so I will be going there to show my support.
  3. Sunday: Hawaiian Luau--The school Hawaiian club will again hold a luau, and young students will perform their "hula" dances as the audience partakes in Hawaiian cuisine. Last year, a student tried to get me on stage for the "audience participation" portion of the program, but I don't perform without a contract... hehehehe.

This leaves me only a few hours here and there to grade quizzes and a stack of papers, and otherwise prepare for classes next week, so I may not have much time to Xanga... Everyone have a nice weekend.

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